Events Calendar


Naoko will be giving talks at the following dates:



  • 24 February-Naoko is speaking about ‘Cherry’ Ingram and the latest news of cherry   blossoms in the UK and Japan at 6pm on Thursday, 24th February via zoom for the   Oxfordshire Gardens Trust.  Click here to sign up→


      • 17 March-  Lecture at Sherbourne ihstory Society    

      • 30 March - Cherry Blossom talk at RHS Wisley Gardens @7pm.

         •  9  April-  Talk at Golden Grove, Carmarthenshire, South Wales @5:30pm





 Zoom Talks


   •26 March--Webinar organized by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. (in Japanese) 

   •7 April -- Talk for a fundraising event of The Grange in Benenden, Kent. 

    •14 April--Talk for Highgate Hawkhurst Women's Institute.   

   •23 April--Talk for Japan Association in the UK  (in Japanese) 








 •25 January--lecture for the Sutton Garden Garden Trust

    • 6 March --cherry planting ceremony at the Earl of Cranbrook's estate in Great Glemham, Suffolk

     •23  March --talk in Amsterdam---cancelled 

     •29 April --keynote speech at the Lantern Lighting Ceremony in Washington DC---cancelled 

    •9 April ---talk at the Japan House---postponed 

     •17 April---talk at the Birmingham Botanical Garden- 'The Englishman who changed the face of spring'---cancelled 

     •7 May---talk at the Chipping Literary Festival at 11:30 am---cancelled 

     9 May--talk at the Alde Valley Spring Festival in Suffolk---cancelled  


The event at the Alde Valley Spring Festival in Suffolk is now organized as a Zoom talk and will take place on Saturday 13 June 2020 at 4pm (GMT). The talk is free of charge but registration is needed. email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










Awards and citations given to the 'Cherry' Ingram (The Sakura Obsession) book



The Nihon Essayist Club Award  2016  (for the original Japanese version)

BBC Radio4: ‘Book of the Week’, March 2019

The Sunday Times: Best Gardening Books, 2019

NPR's Science Friday: Best Science Books, 2019  (for The Sakura Obsession--the U.S version)

The Irish Times: Best Gardening Books, 2019

PopMatters: Best Non-Fiction Books, 2019

The Daily Mail: Best Books for Nature Lovers, Christmas 2019

Woodland Trust: Best Books of the Year, 2019

The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries (CBHL) :Award of excellency in History, October 2020  (for The Sakura Obsession)




Reviews on the 'Cherry' Ingram book


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