Naoko gave a lecture at Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Naoko gave a lecture titled ‘Cherry Ingram and his rich legacy’ at Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History on January 25, 2024

The lecture was the first of the Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum’s Winter Lecture Series.  Naoko talked about ‘Cherry’ Ingram’s achievements and his legacy to an audience of 150 people.









Naoko also talked about the role of Oxford Botanic Garden in returning five cherry varieties to Japan. In 2022, A five-year project between the Garden and its partner Toyama Botanical Garden in Japan led to the return of five varieties that had gone extinct in Japan but were surviving in the UK.

The varieties included ‘Daikoku’, ‘Asano’ and ‘Okiku-zakura’. These were all introduced to the UK from Japan by Collingwood Ingram in the 1920s and 1930s. They disappeared from Japan afterwards, but were found to be surviving in the UK.  After going through a rigorous quarantine process in both countries, they are living in Toyama Botanical Garden. This homecoming, almost 100 years after the cherries arrived in the UK, is a remarkable achievement and shows that  ‘Cherry’ Ingram’s legacy continues to this day.

This post is also available in 日本語.

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