‘Cherry’ Ingram’s cherry blossom legacy continues to grow

★July-September  2022

A magnificent ‘Suffolk Sakura’ event took place at the White House Farm in Great Glemham, Suffolk, in July- September 2022.

The owner of the farm, Jason Gathorne-Hardy, organized exhibitions of beautiful cherry blossom paintings by a Suffolk artist Emma Green, and stunning sakura silk scarves by Jenny Nutbeem, a natural-dye artist.

Sullokf Sakura event Emmas painting
Emma’s painting of Matsumae ‘Shizuka’ (Fragrant Cloud) cherry

Suffolk Sakura event Emmas Okame
Emma’s painting of ‘Okame’ cherry

Both were inspired by Collingwood Ingram’s love of cherry blossoms. The farm has about 60 cherry trees and Emma has been painting them as they came into blossom in the past two years. Jenny has dyed silk scarves with the flowers and leaves of these cherry trees.

Suffolk Sakura event Jennys scarves
                Jenny’s sakura silk scarves—they were hung in order of the trees that came into blossom at the farm. 

Jason is a descendent of the first Earl of Cranbrook, who built the former residence of ‘Cherry’ Ingram in Kent at the end of the 19th century. Two cherry trees in the residence garden, most likely planted by the Earl, ignited Ingram’s love of cherries and led him to create the world’s largest cherry garden in the 1930s and 40s.

Jason is also a cherry lover and has planted the cherry trees at the farm over the past 10 years. After discovering the family link with ‘Cherry’ Ingram, he decided to expand this serendipitous connection. He gave Emma a ‘Cherry’ Ingram blossom residency in which she started painting the blossoms. Jenny followed the cherry path by collecting the blossoms and barks, then dyed the silk scarves with them.

Suffolk Sakura event 2

A special Japan-themed opening ceremony was held on 9-10 July, with a specutacular Taiko drumming concert by the world-renowned Taiko drummer Joji Hirota and his London Taiko Drummers. The concert was sold out.

Joji Hirota and the London Taiko Drummers’ concert

The exhibitions continued for nearly two months. 

Suffolk Sakura event naoko emma jason mr ito

                                               The event was inspired by the life of Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram

Suffolk Sakura event
Naoko and Jason Gathorne-Hardy

Suffolk Sakura event naoko emma jason mr ito
At the exhibition hall, Emma Green, Naoko, Minister Takeshi Ito from the Japanese Embassy in London and Jason Gathorne-Hardy

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