Cherry diplomacy between Japan and the UK at RHS Wisley Gardens

Naoko gave a talk about  ‘Cherry’ Ingram and some new developments of cherry diplomacy between Japan and the UK at RHS Wisley Gardens on March 30th. 

It was part of a special cherry blossom event which included a tour of the Gardens’ cherry trees with the curator Matt Pottage and a splendid five-course Japanese meal at the Garden’s restaurant.  The Ggardens have many different varieties of cherry trees including ‘Yamazakura’ ‘Taihaku’ ‘Shirotae’ , weeping cherries and the Matsumae cherries. The blossoms were at their peak and it was a lovely evening.

‘Shirotae’ cherry
Weeping cherry

wisley 7
Curator Mat Pottage explaining about ‘Accolade’ cherry
wisley 5
Naoko infront of the 80-year-old Yamazakura cherry

wisley 6
Naoko talking about ‘Cherry’ Ingram

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