America’s NPR Interview and The Grange in Benenden Zoom Talk

★April  2021

•Naoko was interviewed by America’s NPR (National Public Radio) , which was aired on 5 April in their popular ‘All Things Considered’ program. 

In the interview, Naoko talked about the influence of climate change on cherry blossoms.  

In Kyoto this year, cherry trees bloomed at their earliest in 1,200 years and it was said that this was the result of global warming.

But it’s not that simple. Global warming will delay the blooming of the blossoms in the long term, and this is already happpening in southern Japan.  

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•On 7 April 2021, Naoko gave a zoom talk for a sold-out fundraising event organized by The Grange in Benenden, Kent. The Grange is the former residence of Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram. It is now a care home for adults with learning difficulties. Over 100 people joined in the event.

Naoko talked about how Collingwood Ingram built his cherry garden at The Grange in the 1920s, as well as history of The Grange and how Ingram’s cherries continue to inspire and connect people to the present.

an evening
zoom talk Ingram
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There will be more zoom talks in April. 

  14 April   7:30pm for Women’s Institute. (In English)

  23 April   3pm  for Japan Association in the UK. (In Japanese) 


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