★March 2020

Kew Cover

Naoko’s article ‘A BLOSSOMING OBSESSION’ was published in the Kew Magazine’s spring 2020 edition. It explores the history of Kew Gardens’ cherry trees and reveals the 60-year relationship that Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram had with the Gardens.  click here to read the article      The Dutch edition of ‘Cherry’ Ingram ‘SAKURA’, was published in March 2020 by Thomas Rap. ‘Sakura’ was in the Netherland’s top 10 best-seller list for several weeks in the spring. It became a “sales success” after a “substantial 5-star review in NRC Handelsblad,” the nation’s newspaper of record, according to de Volkskrant. ★The Italian edition of ‘Cherry’ Ingram, ‘PASSIONE SAKURA’, was published in March 2020 by Bollati Boringhieri. …

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