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BBC Radio 4  'Book of the Week' 18-22 March



Reviews on the 'Cherry' Ingram book



  *The Guardian --'Cherry' Ingram by Naoko Abe review-an obsession with Japan's Christopher Harding    click here to contine

 The Spectator --The Englishman Who Saved Japan’s Blossoms by C  click here to continue

 The Radio Times--Flower Power-- Naoko Abe on why an Englishman had to rescue Japan's symbolic cherry blossom.   click here to continue

The Sunday Times--The man who saved spring  click here to continue 

The Times Scotland--The botanist who saves a tree--- and a nation's soul     click here to continue


The Japan Times --An homage to the British savior of Japan's cherry blossoms  click here to continue

 Daily Mail ---Glorious eccentric who made Britain Blossom---- click here to continue

The Washington Post--Yoshinos aren't the only cherry out there. It's worth knowing, and growing, the others.  by Adrian Higgins   click here to continue

The Economist--The Englishman who helped safeguard Japan's cherry trees--click here to continue    click here for page2 of the article